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The Beauty of Spotify as a Cycling Instructor

If you have been teaching for the past twenty years like myself, you remember how much of a pain creating music used to be for your classes.  I began teaching when cassette tapes were on their way out and CD's were the tool of the future. Not only was it incredibly expensive to keep your music fresh, it was also time consuming burning music.  The instructors of today's generation have it so easy with all the apps available to create playlists, however, it still requires effort to create upbeat fun playlists for your classes.  A couple years ago I used...

9 Hours and 20 Minutes of Indoor Cycling Music!

Today's newsletter is simply some love for my fellow peers. I took a couple days and created playlists from the ebooks I have written. All the songs are on the playlists plus tons of bonus music that my members and cycling students love for their classes.

How to Not Allow Participant's Opinions to Get to You

As Fitness instructors, we are caring individuals. We generally become fitness instructors to help others. As caring people, we put value on people's opinions - positive and negative and often the negative opinions can wear us out over time (if we are not careful); especially new instructors. As an instructor for the past 18 years, this is something I personally struggled with as a self diagnosed "People Pleaser." I always want my riders to enjoy their workout, so when a negative opinion would smack me in the face, it used to really hurt, but thankfully I have learned how to...