Pump Up Your Indoor Cycling Ride Ebook Sample Pack! ⭐FREE⭐

Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas

Pump Up Your Indoor Cycling Ride Ebook Sample Pack! ⭐FREE⭐

The sample pack is here! We know people love to check out what they are purchasing, especially on the internet today, so we have created a 20 page sample pack that include 7 indoor cycling drills from our ebooks. This is simply a snapshot from our 181 drills available today!

Who created all these drills? Rachel Seay, an indoor cycling instructor and educator for the BCRPA in Vancouver, Canada, with 20 years and 40,000+ hours of coaching experience along with her Kinesiology background from the University of British Columbia and Diploma in Exercise Science. Rachel is certified in all the major cycling organizations and created the Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas Facebook page with over 19,000 instructors following her worldwide. Rachel is constantly sharing ideas, content, and playlists and her books are a place where she bundles them up into one easy to use format. For the past 15 years she has been certifying fitness professionals from across Canada and has certified over 1000 instructors to teach Indoor Cycling through the British Columbia Parks and Recreation Association in BC, Canada. 

"Rachel, I have learned so much from your material and I cannot say thank you enough for being so humble and kind to share your knowledge with me. I have purchased all of your teaching manuals and I cannot get enough. Keep them coming! Knowledge is power and the value that you have put into those manuals is worth way more than you are charging. :) I’m inspired by your dedication to your own classes as well as other instructors. Thank you so much! " Amanda, USA. 

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