9 Hours and 20 Minutes of Indoor Cycling Music!

9 Hours and 20 Minutes of Indoor Cycling Music!

Thanks to the world of Spotify, I have put all the songs from the ebooks into Playlists ready to go for you!

Music can make or break a cycling class and this is not new information to us fitness professionals. We know it is a huge component to our classes but when you have been teaching for years, it can also be a struggle to constantly be creative.

It wasn't until recently that my discovery of Spotify changed everything, and that says a lot because when I first started teaching instructors were still using a combination of cassette tape and cd's. The new generation of instructors has it good because I can't even count how many hours or how much money I spent on music in the past 20 years.

Today's newsletter is simply some love for my fellow peers. I took a couple days and created playlists from the ebooks I have written. All the songs are on the playlists plus tons of bonus music that my members and cycling students love for their classes.

Click here for the playlist links