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Thank you for visiting Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas. Rachel created this program for indoor cycling instructors. After teaching for 25 years, she is still passionately dedicated to sharing drills, bringing instructors together from across the globe, and have a variety of resources for instructors whenever they need a little inspiration, credits, or new ideas. We invite you to join our fun and growing Facebook Group where all connect and share!

35 Drills - New Release

NEW LOOK & FEEL: This e-book is packed with 35 pre-choreographed cycling drills, designed to bring a fresh pulse to your indoor cycling classes. With drills that cater to all levels of experience, you'll find everything you need to keep your classes engaging and your riders motivated. Whether you're planning your next session or looking to mix things up, "Pump Up Your Ride 9" offers the inspiration and practical tools you need to succeed.


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Hello! Welcome to the Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas. My name is Rachel and I am the creator of Indoor Cycling Ideas. I began this small business to create a place for instructors to easily access drills, songs, and playlists to time prepping classes. I founded Indoor Cycling Ideas back in 2004 when I began certifying fitness professionals with the BCRPA and CFES. For years I have been sharing content, ideas, drills, and so much more. I hold certifications in Schwinn, Keiser, Reebok, Spin, and several others. With over 50,000 hours of teaching, I still love to teach spin and share drills. A big welcome to the community.

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New Monthly Drills

Instructor's Club

When you are feeling short on time, uninspired, or need a little motivation, you can access hundreds of drills from our easy to use app.

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March 24, 2024:BCRPA/CFES Approved

Online LIVE Workshop: Timer & Interval Drills

Packed with practical ideas and easy-to-implement strategies, you'll walk away ready to craft classes that keep your riders engaged and excited. Get set to add a spark of creativity to your teaching and make every ride an adventure your class looks forward to.

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BCRPA & CFES Approved

Instructor Certification Courses

Are you ready to take your career to the next level and teach indoor cycling. Rachel has been certifying instructors since 2004 internationally. Her certification is BCRPA & CFES accredited. It's a fusion of online and in-studio training over a period of 4 weeks. Check back for the next course date.

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  • Choreography Breakdown

    Each ebook has an abundance of drills from Choreographed, Interval, Interactive and Timer Drills to choose from.

  • Playlists Included via Spotify

    Within each book is the corresponding playlist that match the drills in order. We use spotify, but you can add the songs into the player of your choice.

  • Fresh Cycling Ideas for Classes

    We all go through phases of feeling uninspired. It is a normal part of coaching. Sometimes having a resource to draw upon makes things simple and gets us excited again!

Halloween Drills Workshop

Are you excited to add a dash of Halloween magic to your indoor cycling classes? Are you looking to save some time creating drills this season? Looking for some fresh fun ideas? Over 75+ Indoor Cycling Drills and Hundreds of Songs for Your Halloween Classes

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Workshop: Master the Art of Creating Choreography

Mastering the art of choreographing indoor cycling drills can be a challenging feat. At times, you may find yourself with an amazing song but unsure of how to utilize it effectively. This workshop will simplify the process, providing easy-to-follow blueprints that will not only save you time in class prep, but also enhance your choreography skills for all kinds of cycling drills from rhythm riding to ride profiles. This workshop is more than just a practical guide. It's a journey that will unleash your potential and elevate your choreography skills. You'll tap into your creativity, learning how to match the intensity and flow of your drills with the rhythm and energy of your chosen tracks.

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