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Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas

Let's Ride 2 (15 Drills) eBook

Let's Ride 2 (15 Drills) eBook

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Save yourself time planning your classes with a ready to go Indoor Cycling Drills and a matching Spotify playlist. Our newest series "Let's Ride 2". Includes 15 drills, plus warm-up, cool down and stretch. *Includes a Lesson Plan Template*

We have broken down over 90 minutes worth of drill ideas in detail including both choreographed, interactive and timer/interval based drills to make teaching a breeze.

The concept behind the "Let's Ride" series is to use drills that flow together in which you can use right away in class in order. Perfect for new instructors to get started with or veteran instructors who are looking for new ideas.

We have also included a warm-up, cool-down, and stretch song. You can also use the songs and drills to spark your own ideas and create your own playlists.

The playlist link is included inside the ebook.

Let's Ride!

Created by Fitness Educator and Presenter Rachel Seay, Certified Schwinn, ICC, BCRPA, Keiser, Reebok Instructor

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