About Rachel Seay

Hello There!

My name is Rachel Seay and the intention behind creating Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas was to create content for indoor cycling instructors so we can save time preparing for classes and spend more time doing what we love - being on the bike and teaching classes. 

When I first started teaching fitness in 1999 there was a lack of ideas for indoor cycling classes. Today, we have resources at our fingertips (which can also be overwhelming). Everything I produce has been tested in my own studio with my members. If they love it (my toughest critics) then I know the drills will be well received.

I have been teaching Indoor Cycling since I was certified with the BCRPA and Rebook in Vancouver, Canada in 1999 and participating as a rider since the early 90's. In 2001, I wanted to learn more about exercise science so I put myself through college and university and in 2004 and shortly after began certifying fitness instructors to teach Indoor Cycling through the BCRPA in  Vancouver, Canada.

My certifications include Schwinn, Keiser, Reebok, Spinning, ICC, and Power Pacing. I hold a variety of certifications because it helps me learn different methods. You will also find me updating my certifications, even though I certify because I believe it is important to keep your education current. 

The creation of this website and the ebooks began in 2010 when I was frustrated with searching online for ideas and going to workshops and seeing the same old stuff. It was also important to me to connect with people from all over the world and see what they were doing in their classes. 

Today, I have over 50,000 followers from around the world who are already teaching or starting to get into teaching fitness. It is incredible to see how many amazing instructors there are dedicated to helping this world stay fit.

Something to know about me is I love creating drills and choreographing workouts to music. I still take the principles of spinning seriously, which means you won't find non-sense in my drills, but it does not mean a drill cannot be fun! Indoor Cycling should be something you love to teach and something your participants love to attend.

After I published the first ebook, I began to receive numerous emails saying thank you for creating the ebook and sharing ideas all the time and the more emails and comments on social media I received, the more motivated I was to keep creating content. Today I have 8 ebooks of ideas and more to come, however, creating ebooks and selling online is a whole other job in itself. 

I do my best to respond to emails and messages but I am a one (hard working) woman show and if writing and educating instructors isn't enough, I also run my own fitness studio in Richmond, BC, Canada with 160 members and we are celebrating 14 years in business and of course spending time with my loved ones is important to me too!

I promise to keep creating and I hope you will help by sharing this website and getting the word out there that it exists because the world wide web is so big nowadays, that it's hard to find the tools we need from the "little guys."

I greatly appreciate all the energy everyone has given me through emails, sharing the articles, being fans on the FB page and the sweet phone calls. I feel very lucky to be connected to a group of people that are positive and fun because so many platforms are negative and full of opinions about how you "should be teaching". You guys really are awesome and your participants are lucky to have you as instructors!

Teaching spinning is something I have loved doing for the past 20 years and I hope I can keep teaching it for years to come! It's also been so cool to talk to so many instructors from around the world.

You can find me on our private Facebook Community group and I invite you to join us here. This is a new group I stared in November 2019 and it is growing at a wonderful rate and helping us all connect to each other. 

Thanks everyone for all the support !!

Cheers, Rachel