About Rachel Seay

Who Am I?  

Great question! I am not here to pretend to be one of the world “experts” on Indoor Cycling. I have no desire to compete within this industry. What I bring to the table is ideas for your classes. My passion is to create fun, engaging, and energizing drills that you can share with your classes. For me, music is everything in a cycling class, and when we can fuse music together with right drills, we can create magic together.

I come to you as a Group Fitness Instructor at heart first, and an educator second. My love for cycling has been ongoing since my first indoor cycling experience way back in 1994. As an avid runner at the time, cycling was the only thing that came close to that feeling of happiness after class was done. Within a few years, I began my journey to teach Group Fitness and Indoor Cycling and have been coaching ever since.

To this day, you will still find me teaching 4-5 days a week. Why share this with you? Because I am not some big informal company pumping out books and videos lacking content. I am a hard-working woman who has a deep desire to help instructors add ideas to their classes one workshop and e-book at a time. And I love to help new instructors get going on ideas. I remember how hard it was when I first started to add content to my classes and create playlists. I always felt certifications were great, but they really lacked drill content and that’s the value myself and my company, Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas (ICTI) brings to the industry. 

My education includes 4 years of Exercise Science in the Kinesiology Program from the University of British Columbia, 45,0000 hours of coaching experience, a 20-year designation as a Group Fitness Leader and Fitness Educator with my governing body, the BCRPA, along with a whole host of certifications from Schwinn to Keiser to Reebok, Spinning, Power Pacing, and more. I love to learn so you will always see me attending big conferences and workshops myself, but I also feel it is important for you to know that education is important and something I value in our industry.


What Do I Do?

I create content for indoor cycling classes. When I am not running my fitness studio and coaching classes, you will find me creating cycling drills. Sometimes I get lost in a day of creating drills because the music is on fire and the choreography is on point. Who knew someone could get so excited letting Spotify run wild and hitting “like” on all those potential songs? But some days it can be a struggle to find “that” song too.


Where Does My Content Go?

Back in 2004, I began with writing down all my drills and compiling them into word documents. Over time, I had created enough content to write my first instructor resource book “Pure Cycling.” Now remember, these were the days where you had a publisher and had to ship them out. Thanks to technology, I was able to turn my manuals into e-books instructors can easily download and save money and time for instructors all from this website. 

You can find me on our private Facebook Community group and I invite you to join us here. This is a new group I stared last year and it is growing at a wonderful rate and helping us all connect to each other. 

Thanks everyone for all the support and keeping me inspired to continue to create content. 

You can also find me on the TikTok platform where I create video drills @indoorcyclingideas


Rachel Seay