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Pump Up Your Ride

The ULTIMATE Ebook Bundle (317 Drills)

The ULTIMATE Ebook Bundle (317 Drills)

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Combo Pack includes 11 of the Cycling ebooks in One Package

317 INDOOR CYCLING Drills in One Bundle!


  • Pump Up Your Ride Volume 1 (26 drills)
  • Pump Up Your Ride Volume 2 (42 drills)
  • Pump Up Your Ride Volume 3 (31 drills)
  • Pump Up Your Ride Volume 4 (30 drills)
  • Pump Up Your Ride Volume 5 (30 drills)
  • Pump Up Your Ride Volume 6 (31 drills) 
  • Pump Up Your Ride Volume 7 (33 drills) - Released October 31, 2021
  • Pump Up Your Ride Christmas Edition (41 drills)
  • Halloween Drills (22 drills)
  • Let's Ride Volume 1 (13 drills)
  • Let's Ride Volume 2 (15 drills)
  • All the Spotify Playlists

Who created all these drills? Rachel Seay, an indoor cycling instructor, and educator for the BCRPA in Vancouver, Canada, with 20 years and 40,000+ hours of coaching experience along with her Kinesiology background from the University of British Columbia and Diploma in Exercise Science.

Rachel is certified in all the major cycling organizations and created the Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas Facebook page with over 19,000 instructors following her worldwide. Rachel is constantly sharing ideas, content, and playlists and her books are a place where she bundles them up into one easy-to-use format.

For the past 15 years, she has been certifying fitness professionals from across Canada and has certified over 1000 instructors to teach Indoor Cycling through the British Columbia Parks and Recreation Association in BC, Canada. 

What Instructors Who Purchased the E-Book Have to Say...

"I have learned so much from your material and I cannot say thank you enough for being so humble and kind to share your knowledge with me. I have purchased all of your teaching manuals and I cannot get enough. Keep them coming! Knowledge is power and the value that you have put into those manuals is worth way more than you are charging. :) I’m inspired by your dedication to your own classes as well as other instructors. Thank you so much! Amanda Giles, Cedar City, Utah

"Absolutely love this book. Great drills and love that songs are suggested for each drill. The perfect resource for new instructors like myself and I am sure I will incorporate the ideas in my classes. Have been looking forward to a second book as the first one was such a valuable tool as well.  Thanks, Rachel!" Jody Latrace, BCRPA Certified Group Fitness and Indoor Cycling Instructor, Vancouver. BC, Canada.

"Rachel's drills are fun to teach and the right kind of challenge for my members (which is the ass-kicking kind). Rachel is super real, down to earth, and knows how to deliver drills that are safe and fun in her ebooks." Breanna Graham, BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and Indoor Cycling Instructor, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
"Thanks to PUMP UP YOUR RIDE, I have programmed four spin classes with ease after getting frustrated with the same songs and drills. The best part is I feel like I am only getting started! Sometimes in spin, I feel it's hard to mix it up as there are only a few positions to ride in, and you don't want to use movement patterns that have contraindications. Pump Up Your Ride gives you songs and drill ideas that keep your spin class fresh and challenging without using movements that are risky for participants. I am so excited to teach my class on Tuesday and to keep the class excited about what's next. " Tracy Murray, Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor, BC, Canada

"What an awesome resource with a wealth of ideas and fundamental principles of spinning clearly explained. This is an invaluable tool for my teaching, having used many of the drills in this book already and received rave reviews from my participants. As a fitness professional, I cannot recommend this download enough for new/aspiring instructors to current instructors wanting to look for fresh new ideas." Tania Sibley, Certified Group Fitness Leader with the BCRPA and Indoor Cycling Leader, Delta, BC, Canada.

"Pump Up Your Ride Vol 1 is an easy to follow guide with many drill ideas that you can use right away. These drills are great on their own and will inspire you to create your own variations of them. I have been teaching Indoor Cycling 3-6 times per week since 2011 and I can't wait to incorporate some new stuff this week. This is a great tool for very experienced and novice instructors alike. Thanks, Rachel for helping to keep me on top of my game!" Jennifer Kempton, Certified Group Fitness Leader BCRPA, Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor, Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Inside each ebook, you will find all the songs to match the drills in the ebook and they are organized and ready to go for quick set up once you download the e-book

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