7 Tips for Hosting a Halloween Spinning Party!

7 Tips for Hosting a Halloween Spinning Party!

The Halloween season is a fun way to engage your riders and build upon your community. Over the past 18 years, Halloween has been a spooky and sweaty experience at my studio and the traditions will continue this year. 

Here is a photo from one of our first spinning parties in 2001:

If you have never hosted a Halloween themed cycle class, here are a few helpful hints to get you started:

1. Set a Date

Give you riders enough time to prepare for the class and this also allows for the option to not participate if they are not into the Halloween fun. Talk up the date a few weeks in advance so everyone is looking forward to the fun. 

Another idea is to create an online invite using Evite or a Facebook invite. You can also use an old school paper invite too and in today's world of technology, the old school invites are fun to receive. 

2. Prepare Your Ride

What Halloween drills and songs can you use in class? What will the flow of class feel like? Are you going for a haunting theme, a fun halloween theme, or what nightmares are made of? This will set the tone for your playlist. 

If you need ideas, check out the Halloween Cycling Drills ebook for 22 class drills and song ideas. I have also posted 41 free Halloween Song ideas on www.indoorcyclingteachingideas.com from the Halloween edrills book.

3. Host a Post Halloween Ride Bash

Host a Halloween party after class. Prepare a few simple appetizers/beverages for your participants or invite people to bring a dish for the party.

People love to gift with food and I am sure your riders would love to bring in a treat for the party. A party after the ride allows your community to get to know each other a little better.

For years I taught a corporate spin class from 12-1pm Monday/Wednesday/Friday's and they loved the post spin parties before they went back to work. 

4. Costume Fun

Invite your riders to dress up and offer a prize for the best costumes. In my experience, people love to have fun with costumes and when there is a good prize, people go all out. 

Remember, choose a costume that breathes lol as you will be super sweaty spinning in your costume.

5. Create a Halloween Environment in the Studios

Use low lighting such a black lights which create a cosmic glow or candle. Remember to keep the environment lit enough for member's safety.

Decorating the area with Halloween decor is a fun touch. Try weaving orange or white lights around the bikes for a fun effect.

6. Background Music

Create a spooky environment by having background music playing from your favourite Halloween movies such as the "Exorcist" or go for a fun theme using the "Addams Family."

7. Use Social Media

Remember to take lots of photos of all the great costumes and post them on your social media pages. People are going to wish they joined in and share your photos. This is awesome from a marketing stand point. 

In Conclusion

Adults love to have fun. They will follow your example so if you have a wicked costume and and share your excitement for the upcoming Halloween Ride, they will start to get excited too!

Have an awesome Halloween Ride and I would love to see photos! Feel free to send them to me at info@innerfitstudios.com

Happy Teaching,

Rachel Seay :)


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