My Favourite Timer App for Teaching Indoor Cycling

My Favourite Timer App for Teaching Indoor Cycling

With so many apps to choose from nowadays, how do you find the best all in one timer app for your indoor cycling classes? 

After trying out what seems like every app available on the apple itunes store, I have come to feel lost without my "Tabata Pro Timer" app. 

Itunes: Tabata Pro Timer

Playstore: Tabata Pro Timer

To be clear, I am not being paid a dime to promote this timer. I simply love it and use it for every class I teach. I don't think there is an timer app out there that compares to this one. This is the best $5.49 I have ever spent on an app. 

Features that I love:

The Cycles and Rounds (Tabata) Functions: Let's say you want to do 2 rounds of 6 sets of 30 second drills, round 1 being seating climbs, round 2 being standing climbs, with a rest of 1 minute in between rounds. You would set the "cycles" to "6", the "tabatas" to "2", the work phase for 30 seconds, and the rest for 15 seconds, and finally the recovery between rounds is "prepare" set for 1 minute.

Workout DJ Function: You can preset your drill to your song or playlists you create by enabling the "workout dj" feature. You can also specifically set the work, prepare, and rest sets to certain playlists.


Preset the Rounds: You can preset your works with 4 different timer intervals before you class begins. Using the T1-4 functions, your class will be ready to go!

The Speaking Coach: You can decide whether you want the speaking coach to call out the start and stop phrases or turn off the feature. 

Example Drills to Start With...

Tabata Drill

  • Prepare: 1 minute
  • Work: 20 seconds
  • Rest: 10 seconds
  • Cycles: 8
  • Tabata: 1

7 Hills Drill

  • Prepare: 45 seconds (Seated Recovery)
  • Cycles: 7 
  • Work: 45 seconds (Seated Climb on Green)
  • Rest: 30 seconds (Seated Flat down hill)
  • Tabata: 1

Team Drill

Divide your class into 3 groups and assign a colour to each group of either yellow, green or red. On their colour, they will perform a standing run drill for 15 seconds, when it is not their colour they will recover. Each team will perform 10 sets. Here is how the timer will be set up. 

  • Prepare: 15 seconds
  • Work: 15 seconds
  • Rest: 15 seconds
  • Cycles: 1
  • Tabatas: 10 
  • Tabatas: 10

 If your tired of trying a bunch of free apps that don't work, check out this one. It has so many functions and everything you need for teaching an indoor cycling class. 

Happy Teaching

Rachel Seay :)

Creator of Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas  

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