Pack Your Spin Classes and Enjoy the Ride! Part 1

Pack Your Spin Classes and Enjoy the Ride! Part 1

Sometimes when you walk into a full studio of people pumped to spin with you, you can feel it. You know that the energy is going to be on fire, the effort is going to surpass a regular spin class, and you know your class is going to be a hit!

So how do you pack your classes full of people, and create a buzz about you, the instructor? It's simple, all you have to do is trust in the process of relationship building and here are a few tips to help you.

There is an old saying in business, "people give business to those they know, like, and trust." Fitness is no different, but this philosophy is so often overlooked in our industry. People become regulars in an instructor's class because they know, like, and trust them.

Let's take a look at whey these three factors are important and help you pack your classes with energy!


Why is Knowing the Instructor Important?

Spinning is intimidating. When someone is new to trying out classes they can be scared, worried, stressed out, or feel like they cannot finish a class. However, when an instructor takes the time to greet them at the door, say hello, and ask a few questions; the new person feels comfortable right away. As the class continues, the bond between instructor and rider begins to form and grows through eye contact, smiling, encouraging words, and a quick personal "you did awesome" at the end of class. Now that new person feels a connection to the instructor and is more likely to go to their class the next time they sign up for a spin class.

On a recent visit to a popular branded studio, the instructor did not say hello, nor make eye contact, no connect in anyway. I may be a long standing fitness professional, however, I am still human, and that connection is important to me as a rider in a new environment. Would I go back to his class on my next visit? Not a chance.

How to Build on the "Know" Factor: 

Take the time to say hello, find a fun way of greeting and connecting with people, and if given the chance, immediately introduce a new person to a regular so they can get to know other people in class and feel welcomed to come again! Fitness friendships lead to full classes. Always remember to learn their name and say thank the new person for coming to your class.


Why is Liking the Instructor Important?

We all like to create bonds with people, it is human nature to want to feel connected. When a rider likes your style of teaching, your music, your energy, and your enthusiasm, it means they are going to keep coming back to you again and again because they like you.

How Do You Get People to Like You?

  • Be You! When you try to be someone you are not, it simply does not work. You will attract people who like you as a person and focus your energy on those people.
  • Be authentic - no one likes a sales person.
  • Put your best foot forward.
  • Bring your A-game to class.
  • Turn up the motivation and energy in an authentic way.
  • Have fun in class because life is serious enough.
  • Do not worry about the people who do not like you, focus on the ones who do!


Why Is Building Trust Important in a Fitness Class?

Most people do not even think about building or creating trust but it goes a long way if you want to have a full spin class.

To create trust you have to keep your word. I know so many instructor who cancel classes all the time or come up with excuses when they are late or worse they lie about who they are or fake a teaching personality.

Your riders want to get to know you. They want you to show up on time and not cancel classes or make up excuses. When you break the trust, they slowly start to attend less and less because you have become unreliable to them and I don't know about you, but when someone doesn't value my time, I am not interested in maintaining the relationship.

How to Build Trust?

  • Make an effort to never cancel a class and if you must, make sure you have a sub who is prepared to cover your class.
  • If your schedule is busy and you cannot teach regularly, try class sharing so you have someone you can partner with and the riders have consistency.
  • Always show up early for your classes and be prepared to teach as this builds trust and shows riders they are important to you and you value their time.
  • Do not fake a teaching personality, be authentic. This whole idea of creating fitness "celebrities" out of fitness instructors is fake and phony. Be a great coach.

If you are looking for ways to pack a spinning class, start with you as the coach. How can you build on the relationships you have with current riders and potential riders? How can you get people to know, like, and trust you. 

In part 2, I will post 13 ideas to get people pumped about your classes, but begin with building on the three relationship factors: know, like and trust.


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