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What is the Difference Between Interactive, Timed and Choreographed Drills?

Interactive Based Drills: Cycling drills inspired through the interaction of participants. This type of drills is often coined as "Games", however can be as intense as any other type of cycling drills. The interactive drills offers a way to engaged participants and add the element of fun. Research has shown time and time again that the more interactive and fun a group fitness program is, the more cohesion is created and class participation increases significantly. Participants want an experience.


Timed Interval Based Drills: Cycling drills created with the use of a timer. By using a timer, you can transition into and out of cycling positions working on specific training variables such as speed, endurance, power, and strength. The benefit of this type of drill is the rider knows exactly what to expect and how hard to push on each interval. This drill is used best with the Tabata Pro Timer App or similar apps. 


Choreographed Based Drills: Cycling drills created or inspired by a song. This type of drill will use cycling positions to match the tempo of the song without using a timer to transition into and out of  cycling positions. The benefit of this style of drill is to inspires people to move with the music and work with the intensity of a song. No choreography background is required as the drills are broken down for easy learning. The instructor simply has to practice cueing to the song.