April Collaborative Playlists

April Collaborative Playlists

Hello Cycling Instructors!

 With over 30,000 instructors from around the world on my email list and our Facebook group and FB page, I would like to do something fun together as instructors to share song ideas for our classes!

 I know it can feel so tedious sometimes searching for those perfect songs, but playlists already full of indoor cycling songs would be a fun place to access on a regular basis.

 I have created a collaborative playlist on Spotify (you can create a free account to access it) so we can all add our favourite songs for the month of April. And I would love to do this each month for instructors.

 How to Take Part: **Please only add your TOP 3 Songs**

 Step 1: Access the Playlist here or click on the photo of the playlist cover and open in your app or browser.

 Step 2: Open up the playlist and add it to your favourites by clicking on the "heart" or hitting the "follow" button.

 Step 3: Add your favourite songs this month (Top 3 songs would be great). We don't want to dump songs onto this, choose your top 3 songs this month to add.

Feel free to share the list or forward this email to your fellow instructors!

Still not sure how to add songs, watch this quick video on Youtube.

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