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The Instructor's Guide to Choreographing Your Indoor Cycling Classes

I love choreographing drills.

In fact, I love it so much, I have created 4 ebooks full of choreographed cycling drills (don't worry, there are lots of timer drills too!). 

Now, a lot of people think choreographed drills do not belong in a cycling class, but I am here to say they absolutely do. 

They way I see it, group fitness is set to music, no different than a step aerobics class. You use the music to guide the workout and the same can be done with indoor cycling.

This doesn't mean I am saying perform a dance routine with sexy hips on a bike, what I am saying is, you can choreograph a song to match a drill while keeping a class safe and using the fundamentals of indoor cycling.

Connecting to Your Class Through Music

As Instructors, we have a deep understanding for the power of music in any style of group fitness class, especially indoor cycling or spinning classes. Music creates a vibe and energy which builds motivation through a workout, but have you ever thought about how it can connect you to your participants? Think about a song that makes you smile? What about a song you play when you need to blow off steam (Metallica is my go to). Or how about a time in your life you fondly remember thanks to the music in that time period? It is so easy...

The Beauty of Spotify as a Cycling Instructor

If you have been teaching for the past twenty years like myself, you remember how much of a pain creating music used to be for your classes.  I began teaching when cassette tapes were on their way out and CD's were the tool of the future. Not only was it incredibly expensive to keep your music fresh, it was also time consuming burning music.  The instructors of today's generation have it so easy with all the apps available to create playlists, however, it still requires effort to create upbeat fun playlists for your classes.  A couple years ago I used...

9 Hours and 20 Minutes of Indoor Cycling Music!

Today's newsletter is simply some love for my fellow peers. I took a couple days and created playlists from the ebooks I have written. All the songs are on the playlists plus tons of bonus music that my members and cycling students love for their classes.

My Favourite Timer App for Teaching Indoor Cycling

My Favourite Timer App for Teaching Indoor Cycling

With so many apps to choose from nowadays, how do you find the best all in one timer app for your indoor cycling classes? After trying out what seems like every app available on the apple itunes store, I have come to feel lost without my "Tabata Pro Timer" app.  Itunes: Tabata Pro Timer Playstore: Tabata Pro Timer To be clear, I am not being paid a dime to promote this timer. I simply love it and use it for every class I teach. I don't think there is an timer app out there that compares to this one. This...